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Guided and Self-Guided Tours 

About us

It all began over 30 years ago, when a young blonde cowgirl from Alberta, Canada and a free spirited windsurfing dude from Germany, met each other and fell in love in a quaint campground near the port city of Kalamata, Greece.

Over the next 3 decades, this shiny, pristine area has been like a strong magnet, pulling us back to live and engage in many memorable life changing experiences.

Residing in small villages, raising our daughter amongst the locals, we were fortunate to capture the true Greek family lifestyle. Whether involved in the annual olive harvest, or picking oranges and lemons from the many lush grooves in the area. Spending long hot afternoons with the neighbor ladies making greek soap (Sapona) from used left over olive oil that has been saved up throughout the year.  Raising our own chickens and rabbits, milking the goat and using the fresh warm milk to make the day´s creamy feta cheese. 

We learned the traditional Greek dancing, and hiked the majestic mountain range called the Taygetos, to pick massive bundles of wild oregano and Sage Mountain tea to replenish our next years supply. To fishing in the clean, azul waters for tuna, swordfish or shark to be grilled over the olive wood fire for the evenings celebrations.

In this beautiful part of the world, the sky is the limit, the memories are still fresh in our minds and we love nothing more than to share our extraordinary experiences with the people that cross our path.

We invite each and every person who also enjoys a zest of life, to come take a tour with us and let us really leave you with the true feeling of our little paradise known as the Messinia and Mani.

Cycle Green Tours’ passion for cycling spans over decades. Our tour destinations have included places like Southern-Greece, Northern-Germany, Baja-California Mexico and the majestic Rocky Mountains in Canada.

We are always guiding our own tours, created by ourselves and always cycle through the chosen countries with one thing in mind: Cycle Green.

We love to showcase the local country and their wonderful people, and to immerse ourselves into their customs and traditions. We tread lightly on our trails and welcome our guests to experience a unique vacation.

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