Guided and Self-Guided Tours
Guided and Self-Guided Tours 

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Deserted beaches, sun kissed caves, breathtaking views!  Greece has something for every traveler and that is what makes it one of the world´s most indulging destinations for sailing and cycling.

Touring with us you will embark on an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure in the southern most part of Greece, simply known as Messinia in the Peloponnese. The diverse landscape includes prestine sandy beaches along sun drenched coastlines, crystal clear azul waters, high rocky mountains and rolling hills speckled with many Mediterranean vegetation such as lush olive trees and citrus groves. You will cycle on nice coastal roads passing through many historic remains and regions such as the old Venetians and Byzantine castles in Methoni, Koroni and Pylos. Lunching at quaint seaside fishing villages taking in authenic Greek cuisine all the while admiring the Greek culture and nature to its fullest.

The warm climate, the wonderful Mediterranean country side and its easy accessibility make Greece and its southern Peloponnese a great and still secret paradise for cyclists.

Your adventure doesn´t stop there.  The next leg of this tour will be spent sailing on one of our 3 boats on the azul blue waters of the Aegean Sea. 

Picture yourself with the warm wind in your face, anchoring ship to jump into the crystal clear turquoise blue water for a swim and snorkel in one of the secluded bays.  Visit one of the many local seaside fishing villages such as Agios Nikolas or Koroni, or discover the magic and natural splendor of the Caves of Diros.  Perhaps we´ll see many dolphins and sea turtles on the way.

You can either sail the boat yourself under the guidance of our Skipper or just be deck fluff picking up a glorious tan while the skipper takes care of everything.

 The center of our tours are based always around nature, fun, sport and the immersion with the local people and their cultures. All our tours will be adjusted to the abilities and levels of our guests.

Please contact us about our Sailing-packages and Prices.

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