Guided and Self-Guided Tours
Guided and Self-Guided Tours 

Facts about Greece

Why Greece - Peloponnese as a bicycle destination?

This is one of Europe's cycling destination, which has been sofar, kept secret. Greece has over 11 million people, most of them residing in the major cities like Athens and Thessaloniki. The southern part of Greece (the Peloponnese) has a great countryside with sparse traffic, but wonderful cities, prestine beaches and 5 star hotels. The Peloponnese has it's spring in February, stays warm until November, where the water temperature is warmer than the air. That translates to a longer biking season! 

Motivation for coming to Greece.

 All of our clients have always had the desire to come and see Greece. Come and experience this land for it's untamed beauty, sensational climate, fascinating history and warm hospitality. Cycle Green Tours makes it our mission to showcase this country to you while achieving the high level of vacation you desire.  


Cycle Green Tours Logistics.

 We will handle all the logistics of your biking vacation, from best flights, transfers, hotels, extra curricular activities, tour bike rentals, routes, as well help you with the language and alphabet barriers. Our service starts with your booking. It gives us the opportunity to promote the Peloponnese and share our exciting 25 year long experience with the Greek people and culture. We will provide information on what to pack, eating in Greece, tipping, cell phones and internet, reading materials etc. Everything to ensure you a worry/hassle free vacation.


Cycle "Green" Tours and Eco-Tourism

 We have been passionately active and environmentally involved for years in ensuring that our foot prints are kept small on all our tours in all the countries we have travelled and lived. Greece has become part of the European "green" movement. Recently, where ever we have cycled, we encountered solar-systems, windmills, modern garbage removal and recycling. We also find the people and cyclists in their quest to keep Greece and the Peloponnese clean and beautiful for all the others who will come after us. 

Modern Infrastructure of Greece

 Greece has built a new international airport, a competent Metro system in Athens, pedestrian malls at the Acropolis, a coastal tram to Patras, a new toll highway from Athens to Kalamata. In 2004, Greece hosted the Olympic games and has still the most efficient ferry system. Many times a year, Athens hosts bicycle tour days, where the inner city is closed to all traffic. As well many of it's cities are building modern bike paths.

Travel Safety

Greece is a low crime country. Many times we have seen high end bicycles left unlocked in Kalamata. Outside the cities, crime is almost non-exisitant.  Our top priority is your safety and upmost comfort during your holidays. We are native speakers, fluent in English, German and Greek, and our Greek partners in the Peloponnese know every doctor, hospital and pharmacy in case an emergency should arise.


Accomodations and Food

 Cycle Green Tours have personal contact to all the accomodations we have chosen for your stay. They are all 4 to 5 star establishments, which all feature: single, double and triple rooms, A/C, private balconies and terraces, swimming pools, beach front access, international and Greek cuisine, continental and European breakfast buffets, top notch sport and fitness facilities, as well as fabulos Wellness spas. Greeks take their food seriously, and we are proud to be able to join them in their traditions of multiple courses, good wine and beer, bringing about delicious tastes from the variety of dishes. Dining while listening to their music, and feeling the passion of their dances. Where the locals hangout, you will for sure experience a tiny bit of their mediterranian souls.


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